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Spring clean politics: Democrats propose sweeping reforms.

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Senator Andrew Murray Senator for Western Australia Australian Democrats spokesperson for Accountability

Press Release Dated: 5 Sep 2000 Press Release Number: 00/558 Portfolio: Accountability 

Spring clean politics: Democrats propose sweeping reforms Political governance. ‘One-vote-one-value’ in political parties. Stronger political donations laws. Regulation of political parties and making serious branch stacking a crime. That’s the Australian Democrats formula for cleaning-up Australian politics, according to Accountability spokesperson, Senator Andrew Murray.

In a passionate Adjournment Speech to the Senate last night, Senator Murray, again outlined key ‘clean-up’ recommendations as detailed in the Australian Democrats Minority Report into the 1998 Federal Election.

Senator Murray expressed his support of recent comments made by Labor’s Dr Carmen Lawrence in relation to donations to political parties and for Liberal Minister Chris Ellison’s decision to initiate an inquiry into electoral fraud.

“It’s a start and I welcome the major parties interest in this important reform issue,” Senator Murray said. “Cleaning-up Australian politics is an issue the Democrats have been running with for a long time. It’s great to see senior Labor and Liberal members now running with it.

“However, it is critical the media record be corrected. Significant media coverage was awarded to Dr Lawrence’s address to the Sydney Institute in August. Editorial generally said or implied that she was ‘a lone voice’ in Australian politics. That is simply wrong.

“Dr Lawrence’s August suggestions are Democrat June recommendations. Over many years Democrats submissions, minority reports and regrettably, failed amendments, show that our record in regard to electoral and political party reform is second-to-none.

“The fight to close loopholes in the laws governing donations to political parties has been raging for at least 20 years - with genuine effect.

“Dr Lawrence joins the Democrats on at least some of our calls for the full and transparent disclosure of donations by foundations, trusts and clubs, and for the full approval of donations or fees by members of organisations, such as unions or shareholders in companies.

“The Democrats believe branch stacking and electoral fraud are soul mates. We now ask the question, ‘Does the Government finally mean to get serious about punishing the fraud and immorality of branch stacking and electoral fraud - and will Labor support them?’,” Senator Murray concluded.


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