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Senate Select Committee on Electric Vehicles charges ahead

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Senator Tim Storer Independent Senator for South Australia


Senate Select Committee on Electric Vehicles charges ahead.

9 August 2018

Committee Chair, Senator Tim Storer and the committee members will hold a media event:

Location: MAB Gate 1 Tonsley Innovation District - 1 MAB Eastern Promenade, Clovelly Park SA

Time: 10:30am

Date: Friday, 10 August 2018

Senator Storer said: “As car makers around the world start the shift from petrol and diesel to electric vehicles Australian motorists run the risk of higher prices and less choice as well as a dirtier environment.

“The UK, for example, a major source of cars bought by Australians, is committed to ending the sale of petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040.”

“Given the typical lifespan of a car is around 20 years, this means Australia needs to develop comprehensive and forward looking policies right now to benefit from the biggest change in transport since the invention of the internal combustion engine.”

“Without action, Australia runs the risk of paying the price for this revolution rather than reaping the benefits, of being a technology taker rather than a technology maker.”

Among other key issues, the committee will explore the opportunities for South Australia to rejoin the motor vehicle manufacturing supply chain.

The Swedish-based company, Uniti, which has recently announced plans to assemble and produce its Uniti One car, is one of many innovative companies presenting to the committee.

The committee will focus on the economic, environmental and social benefits of widespread electric vehicle uptake in Australia.

“This is a unique opportunity to think about how we prepare for a transformation we know is coming, and to hear from businesses, experts, and members of the public, already working to help Australia embrace the opportunities around electric vehicles,” said Senator Storer.

“With good policy there will be opportunities for Australian mining and advanced manufacturing as well as a pathway to managing challenges and opportunities for transport, energy and planning, not forgetting massive benefits for the environment”.

Tonsley, which hopes to be the epicentre for Australia’s electric and autonomous vehicle industry, will host the Senate Select Committee.

Flinders University Vice Chancellor Colin Stirling said: “The world-class research capability of Flinders University in areas such as next generation transport systems and advanced innovative manufacturing together with our state-of-the-art facilities at the Tonsley Innovation District position Flinders University and South Australia as an ideal location from which to accelerate the development of a national electric vehicle industry.

“A prime example of Flinders University’s leadership in this area is the recent launch of our autonomous electric ‘FLEX’ (Flinders Express) shuttle bus trial in partnership with the South Australian Government, the RAA and industry collaborators. Since its launch in mid-June more than 1,000 members of the public have experienced what it’s like to travel in an electrically-powered driverless vehicle, providing valuable feedback that will inform the eventual introduction of this exciting technology in Australia.

“Flinders University welcomes initiatives that support further investment in the research and development of electric vehicles and other innovative and sustainable transport solutions that will benefit commuters and drive significant economic growth and job creation in South Australia” Professor Stirling said.

As part of the program the senators will consult key autonomous companies based at Tonsley, including the 100 per cent autonomous Aurrigo Pod and will take a ride on the 100 per cent electric FLEX shuttle bus.

The hearings begin at 8.30am on Friday 10 August 2018, at Co-Hub Level 1, Mitsubishi Administration Building, 1 Tonsley Boulevard, St Marys SA 5042. Witnesses at the hearing tomorrow include Mitsubishi Australia, Tesla Motors, EasyMile, SAGE Automation. A full program can be found on the committee website.

Further details and a full program of the committee can be found on the committee website icles

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