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New generators for Norfolk Island

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New Generators for Norfolk Island

Media Release

21 July 2018

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) delivered three giant diesel generators to the Island this week, providing a great spectacle for the Norfolk Island community.

The generators are huge measuring more than 3.2 metres long, 2 metres wide, 2 metres tall and weighing around 5,900 kilograms each. Due to their size, the Island didn't have the equipment to efficiently and safely unload the generators so military transport aircraft Boeing C-17A Globemaster III and specialist cargo handling equipment was brought in to help.

The runway had to be closed during the delivery but to make sure travel to and from the island wasn't affected, we chose to shut it down when there were no scheduled commercial flights.

This is a fantastic example of the Norfolk Island Regional Council and the Coalition Government working together to create a positive outcome for the community. The delivery came together through a cooperative effort between the council, the Administrator Eric Hutchinson, myself and the Minister for Defence, Marise Payne.

The massive generators will replace the three existing generators which are now 25-years-old and at the end of their serviceable life. The replacement was necessary to ensure the Norfolk Island community continues to receive a reliable supply of electricity. Credit goes to the team at the power station for maintaining the integrity of the previous generators.