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Biotech summit 2004

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PETER McGAURAN MP Commonwealth Minister for Science

Media Release


July 5th 2004

The future of biotechnology and its importance to Australia was evidenced today at the Australian Biotech Summit 2004 held at the Sydney Convention Centre.

Australian Government Science Minister Peter McGauran delivered the keynote address at the Summit and commented on the strengths of the industry in Australia.

“Biotechnology is a rapidly expanding industry that has practical benefits for all Australians, particularly in health, agriculture and the environment,” Minister McGauran said.

“Australia has 370 biotechnology companies that employ over 6,000 people and is ranked as the number one biotechnology destination in the Asia-Pacific region.

“A recent Australian success in biotechnology is the agricultural company Tricarte that has developed a breeding technology for barley and wheat. This technology accelerates the gene selection process for food crops that allows plant breeders to create designer wheats.

“This development makes wheat and barley more attractive to consumers, food manufacturers and farmers and leads to improved nutrition and product shelf life, along with better baking qualities and resistance to pests and drought.

“Biotechnology is building new industries and serves as an integral component to established industry, providing new opportunities in innovation for existing products, services, processes and operations,” Minister McGauran concluded.

The Australian Biotech Summit 2004 brings together government, industry and research representatives to discuss the key issues for Australia’s biotechnology sector.

Further information: Jodie Naismith (Minister McGauran’s office) 03 9639 3199 or 0419 622 915