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Immigration Dob-in line launched (WA)

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Immigration Dob-In Line Launched (WA)

VPS 042/2004

A new free telephone hotline has been launched for concerned members of the community who want to dob-in illegal workers and visa overstayers.

This sort of intelligence information has assisted immigration officers locate over 6 000 illegal workers and overstayers over the past few years.

There is a wealth of knowledge in public hands that is vital to the operation of our compliance activities. This new number will make it much easier for the community to report this valuable information on people who are in Australia unlawfully.

Catching people who breach their visa conditions, or overstay and are in Australia illegally, is a critical component of our robust immigration system.

Every year my department locates thousands of people working illegally. These people take away employment opportunities from Australians and are often working in the cash economy.

Immigration officers in WA cover the entire State investigating and locating illegal workers from Esperance to Kununurra, and the Cocos/Keeling and Christmas Islands. Often these officers are acting on information they receive from concerned people from all parts of the State.

In 2002/03, officers from my department located over 760 unlawful non-citizens or people in breach of visa conditions as a result of field operations in WA. In addition, over 500 unlawful non-citizens made voluntary approaches to the department in the same program year.

Illegal workers in WA are often found working in a wide range of industries.

My department does a great job in tracking people down, and when we have the enthusiasm and support of the public we will do an even better job to tackle this problem.

The role of the community in protecting our immigration system is vital. If you know of people who do not have a current visa, or are working illegally call the free Immigration Dob-in line on 1800 009 623 or by faxing 1800 009 849.

19 February 2004