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Howard shepherding Gay’s pulp mill: Brown.

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Senator Bob Brown Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania

Howard shepherding Gay’s pulp mill - Brown

26th Sep 07

In a breakdown of proper political process Prime Minister Howard is

insisting Cabinet approve Gunns proposed pulp mill in Tasmania despite

growing scientific evidence against it, Greens Leader Bob Brown said


"Howard has a cosy relationship with Gunns’ supremo John Gay. The two

consulted closely before the ambush on Mark Latham in 2004. However,

Howard has no similar contact with the Tasmanian winegrowers, fisheries,

farmers, and tourist operators facing the $3 billion negative impact if

Gay’s pulp mill goes ahead in the Tamar Valley," Senator Brown said.

"Now the Chief Scientist - restricted to looking at only a fraction of the

mill’s impact - has problems with the polluting mill. Howard’s corporation

powers, which he used to pass the notorious WorkChoices legislation,

should be employed to have the Chief Scientist now look at the pulp mill’s

impact on Tasmania’s high conservation value forests, on the Tamar

Valley air shed, on greenhouse gas emissions, on water, and on the

fisheries and vineyards and other business which are threatened. If the

Chief Scientist has major problems, having looked only on the impact on

Commonwealth waters and marine migratory species, then a look at the

whole impact of the mill is essential, logical and politically proper,"

Senator Brown said.

"There will be a huge electoral backlash against taxpayers’ money being

used to apply bandaid environmental fixes to the Gunns mill," Senator

Brown predicted.

The Greens candidates for Malcolm Turnbull’s seat of Wentworth and Peter

Garrett’s seat of Kingsford Smith, Susan Jarnason and Sue Mahony, will

visit the Tamar Valley on Friday.

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