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Labor's Longman lies

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Labor’s Longman lies

Labor’s Minister for Agriculture Mark Furner has been caught lying to try to get a headline during the Longman by-election.

Mr Furner put out a media release regarding the prawn industry this morning claiming: “I wrote to Mr Littleproud on three separate occasions outlining my concerns and stating in no uncertain terms that action needs to be taken to protect our $20 billion agriculture industry in Queensland. “I am yet to receive an answer.”

The truth is Mr Furner has written to Minister Littleproud and has received answers, twice.

The letters he received in response are attached to this media release.

Despite the fact assertions in Mr Furner’s letters were misleading and aimed at scaring Queenslanders, Minister Littleproud wrote back to him on both July 2 and 6, about biosecurity and about white spot on prawns.

Minister Littleproud corrected Mr Furner’s claim that infected prawns were being imported - a claim made on ABC Four Corners but addressed by the Department of Agriculture as being unsupported by the test results on the show - and also on the idea white spot is “spreading in Australia”.

“Labor’s Longman lies are laughable,” Minister Littleproud said.

“Labor has a candidate in Longman who went to the last election knowing she was a British citizen; Labor has a leader who lied to locals in Longman about health care on radio, and now the Labor Agriculture Minister is lying about letters he said I never sent.

“Queenslanders will see through Labor’s Longman lies.”

This blatant Labor lying follows Bill Shorten’s car crash interview on local radio in Longman, in which he tried to tell locals they needed to travel to Brisbane for medical treatment only to have local lady Patsy call him out for lying.

“I’m frustrated because you’re not telling the truth for God’s sake,” Patsy said.