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Transcript of doorstop: Canberra: 26 June 2018: Huawei; Turnbull's $80 billion corporate tax giveaway; cost of living pressures; Labor's plan for a better NBN; GST

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SUBJECT/s: Huawei; Turnbull’s $80 billion corporate tax giveaway; cost of

living pressures; Labor’s plan for a better NBN; GST.

BILL SHORTEN, LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION: We've obviously got to go to

caucus but time for a couple of questions, thanks for coming to the speech.

JOURNALIST: A number of politicians have taken trips from Huawei what's your

reaction to that?

SHORTEN: The trips were fully disclosed, I think the bigger issue is making sure

that national security is the number one priority for people and that they're

not influenced by these trips. Labor takes its national security advice from the

national security agencies, not from Huawei and we will continue to do that, full


JOURNALIST: Mr Shorten, what business does deserve a tax cut? What size of

business rather, deserves a tax cut?

SHORTEN: Well we've actually said that we will support any Australian business

with an under $2 million turnover to get a tax reduction because we think small

business could always do with all of the assistance it can get. Beyond that, we’re

considering our position between $2 and $10 million turnovers but fundamentally

you have got to look at priorities.

I just don't agree with Mr Turnbull that the four big banks deserve $17 billion in tax

cuts over the next 10 years. I would rather see $17 billion be put back into our

schools. I don't agree with Mr Turnbull that multinationals should get a tax cut, yet

he is carrying out cuts to our hospitals and health care system. It's all a matter of

values. Now he's entitled to his opinion, he's made it very clear - he's for the top

end of town, I'm for our hospitals and school funding.

JOURNALIST: So you will repeal the tax cut between $10 and $50 million as

already legislated?


JOURNALIST: You're going after the Prime Minister for his personal wealth but as

the front page of the Australian reports there are a number of people in your own

frontbench who have personal wealth. How can you justify this attack campaign?

SHORTEN: Listen, let me state very clearly, good luck to Mr Turnbull for being a

very, very wealthy man. It is not his wealth that worries me, it's when he says really

stupid things. When he says to young couples trying to buy their first home, "just

get rich parents." When he says to 60 year old age care workers in Burnie - why

can't they get a better tax cut, he says, "just get a better job." I genuinely think

that Mr Turnbull is so out of touch with how millions of Australians live their lives,

that's the problem.

JOURNALIST: Mr Shorten there will be many businesses out there earning

between $10 and $50 million who are now baking in tax cuts into their future

revenue streams, what do you say to them now that a Labor government will

repeal those cuts?

SHORTEN: I am saying to them that what will happen is we will make sure that

you've got highly skilled apprentices, we'll make sure that when your workers are

sick they can get to see the doctor quickly so they can return to work more

effectively. I am saying to Australian businesses of any size, we will give you a

better National Broadband Network.

Did you know that there are 80,000 missed appointments between July of last year

and February this year for people waiting for their technicians to come on their

NBNCo issues? Did you know that the New South Wales Chamber of Business

has found that because of Malcolm Turnbull's muddle in the NBN and the inferior

copper technology, businesses are reporting thousands of dollars of losses and

waiting up for three weeks to get the system fixed?

What we offer Australian business is the following: we'll give you a trained

workforce, we'll make sure that when you need to invest in productivity and new

technology, we'll give you an extra 20 percent depreciation. If you're in the tourism

industry we'll help build your infrastructure. If you're in the defence industry we'll

make sure that they buy local. If you want to actually invest in renewable energy

and get your power prices down, only Labor can be trusted to put downward

pressure on power prices because we will create national policy which has

certainty for the future.

Perhaps one last question?

JOURNALIST: Would Labor consider broadening the GST? You've already

suggested that with natural therapies to pay for the tampon tax, what about other


SHORTEN: No, only Mr Turnbull wants to increase the GST. What I say to

Australians dealing with cost of living issues is Labor has got an approach of a

living standards package. Because of our support for renewable energies being

part of our energy mix going forward, we'll be able to put downward pressure on

your household electricity bills and gas bills. Because we support people getting a

proper wage rise and reforming our industrial relations system, workers

who've received no wage rises over the last few years can see a better future.

What we also say to Australians is we'll make sure that your kids get a good quality

education which doesn't depend on how rich your parents are. We say to young

couples hoping to buy their first home, our reforms to negative gearing will give you

a level playing field because we think you're more important than people buying

their 10th house.

What we also say to people worried about their cost of living concerns in health

care is Labor will start increasing the patient rebate again which has been so

unfairly frozen over the last five years. We will make sure the dreadful hospital cuts

which have happened under this Government get reversed. We will also say to

Australians who are worried about the circumstances of their aging parents,

perhaps they've been diagnosed with dementia, we'll put greater support into aged


Labor’s in touch with how real people organise their lives and we'll make sure that

working people get a fair go in this country, something which is becoming

increasingly difficult under the Turnbull Government.

Thanks, everybody.



Authorised by Noah Carroll ALP Canberra