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Community groups care for Australian heritage.

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Community groups care for Australian Heritage Community groups around Australia, including regional libraries, museums and historical societies, today received funding to preserve fragile heritage documents with the assistance of the 2000 Community Heritage Grants Program, supported by the National Library of Australia and the Federal Government.

Thirty-two community-based organisations have been awarded grants totalling $120,000 at a presentation by Federal Minister for the Arts, the Hon Peter McGauran, at the National Library.

‘All over Australia, regional libraries, museums, historical societies and community groups house rare heritage collections of photographs, sound recordings, books, posters, maps or manuscripts,’ Mr McGauran said.

‘This material is irreplaceable and, as much of it is fast deteriorating, Community Heritage Grants are a way to preserve these precious records,’

Mr McGauran said that over $520,000 has been awarded to 172 different groups since the Community Heritage Grants program commenced in 1994.

He said that recognising the success of the Community Heritage Grant program in the past, and the continuing need for the funding, the amount of money to be distributed this year has been increased from $80,000 to $120,000.

Projects include copying photographs to more stable formats, preservation surveys and conservation treatment for fragile books and manuscripts, as well as the purchase of expensive archival storage materials.

These groups and other recipients will receive funding to pay for a range of assistance, including preservation surveys, archival storage materials, conservation, oral history tape transcribing and photographic copying.

‘By collecting, preserving and providing access to heritage materials, communities can define their identity and their unique part in Australian history,’ Mr McGauran said.

‘I congratulate our recipients for receiving a grant but also for their foresight and commitment to ensuring our heritage is preserved as we owe it to future generations of Australians to preserve and provide access to our past.’ Media contacts: Jane McCarthy, Minister’s office (02) 62777350 Alex Philp, National Library of Australia (02) 62621147 Websites:

2000 Community Heritage Grants


Award Recipients

Applicant Project Title Funds required


Amount State

St Francis’ Church

Archival storage of St Francis’ Church photographic collection

Storage materials

$2200 VIC

Walcha & District Historical Society

Preservation survey of Walcha & District Historical Society’s documentary & paper records.

Preservation Survey

$3850 NSW

Polish Historical Society in Australia

Preparing transcripts of Oral History tape collection relating to Polish immigration to Australia after WWII

Oral History tape transcribing $2000 ACT

Western Australian Cricket Association Museum

Purchase of storage materials as recommended by Preservation Survey

Storage materials

$3300 WA

Balmain Hospital

Preservation survey of the Balmain Hospital historical collection.

Preservation Survey

$3850 NSW

Warnambool & District Historical Society

Preservation survey of Warnambool & District Historical Society collection.

Preservation Survey

$3500 VIC

Maroochy Libraries

Preservation copying of colour negatives segment of Bill Robinson Negative Collection, Stage 2

Photographic copying

$8250 QLD

Bega Valley Genealogy Society

Review and analysis of the Kameruka papers for their preservation and availability

Significance survey

$1500 NSW

Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement

Preservation survey of Pioneer Settlement documentary collection

Preservation Survey

$3850 VIC

Melbourne Women’s Liberation Archives

Preservation survey for the Melbourne Women’s Liberation Archives

Preservation Survey

$3500 VIC

Royal District Nursing Service Preservation and housing of the St

George collection

Conservation treatment and archival storage materials

$5472 VIC

City of Albany Preservation survey of documentary collection of heritage agencies in the City of Albany

Preservation Survey

$7700 WA

Cooloola Shire Library Service Preservation survey of the Cooloola

Shire Library Service Local History Collection

Preservation Survey

$3850 QLD

The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust

Preservation re-housing and cataloguing of the Adelaide House collection / production of a Disaster Plan.

Archival storage materials, production of a disaster plan.

$6930 NT

Subiaco Museum

Preservation survey of document and photographic collection, Subiaco Museum

Preservation Survey

$3850 WA

Kimba & Gawler Ranges Historical Society

General preservation and collection assessment survey of Kimba’s documentary heritage

Preservation Survey

$3850 SA

Applicant Project Title Funds required for Amount State

Co-operative for Aborigines (Tranby Aboriginal College)

Preservation storage of the serial, poster and audiovisual collections of Tranby Aboriginal college.

Archival storage materials, rehousing. $2750 NSW

Wangaratta Historical Society Inc. Wangaratta photographic collection preservation rehousing project.

Archival photographic storage albums $5500 VIC

Community Radio Federation - Radio 3CR 3CR Preservation and collection assessment survey and training

Preservation Survey and Training $6600 VIC

Uniting Church Records and Historical Society Preservation Survey of the Uniting Church Records and History Society


Preservation Survey $3850 NSW

Wirrimbah Direct Descendants Aboriginal Corporation

Digitising and preserving the photographic and oral history collection of Wirrimbah direct descendants.

Preservation Survey $3850 NSW

Joskeleigh Community Association Inc. Training in Reformatting and storage systems for original and copied

Joskeleigh South Sea Island Museum Community Photographs

Training Program and storage materials $2420 QLD

Mackay City Council Library Service Conservation and Preservation of South Sea Islander historical records

Conservation and Preservation of South Sea Islander historical records

$4950 QLD

Yarra-Melbourne Regional Library Corporation

Preservation Survey of the Yarra-Melbourne regional Library’s local history collection

Preservation Survey $3850 VIC

The Glamorgan Spring Bay Historical Society Preservation and rehousing of photographic collection dating back to


Archival storage materials $2310 TAS

Shire of Kalamunda Conservation of the Canning Timber Station Paymasters Ledger 1896-1898, and Disaster recovery training

Conservation treatment and disaster training. $2860 WA

Sydney Jewish Museum Preservation Survey of the Sydney Jewish Museum collection Preservation Survey $3850 NSW

Albury City Council Preservation Survey of the Local Studies collection held by the Albury City Library

Preservation Survey $3850 NSW

Australian Refugee Association

Preservation Survey of the Australian Refugee Association collection Preservation Survey $3850 SA

Co.As.It. Italian Australian Welfare Association Inc.

Preservation Survey of the documentary collection of Co.As.It. Preservation Survey $3850 QLD

Queen’s College University of Melbourne Preservation Survey of the Sugden Collection

Preservation Survey $3850 VIC

Geraldton Regional Library

Significance Assessment and Preservation Survey of the Geraldton Regional Library’s Local Studies collection

Significance Assessment and Preservation Survey $5500 WA

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