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Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

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Treasurer's Press Release No. 54

Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Warwick McKibbin as a member of the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia for a term of five years, commencing from 31 July 2001.

Professor McKibbin holds the professorship of International Economics in the Research School of Pacific & Asian Studies and is the Executive Director of the Economic Division in the Asia Pacific School of Economics and Management at the Australian National University. He is also a Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institute in the United States and a Senior Research Associate of the Centre for International Economics in Australia.

I believe that, with his highly respected academic credentials and wide expertise in domestic and international macroeconomics, Professor McKibbin will make a valuable contribution to the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

The Board appointment is made in accordance with section 14 of the Reserve Bank Act 1957 which provides for nine Board members including the Governor, the Deputy Governor, the Secretary to the Department of the Treasury, and six other members appointed by the Governor-General.

With this appointment, the membership of the Board consists of:

Mr IJ Macfarlane, Chairman ● Dr SA Grenville ● Dr KR Henry ● Ms JR Broadbent ●

Mr FP Lowy AO ● Mr DG McGauchie ● Mr HM Morgan AO ● Mr RFE Warburton ●

Prof WJ McKibbin ●


CANBERRA 26 July 2001