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Prime Minister should sack Immigration Minister over 'catastrophic' and 'systemic failures' in her department.

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� � Kerry Nettle

$XVWUDOLDQ�6HQDWH Australian Greens Senator for NSW

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Prime Minister should sack Immigration Minister over 'catastrophic' and 'systemic failures' in her department

Greens Immigration spokesperson Senator Kerry Nettle today called on the Prime Minister to sack the Minister for Immigration in response to the Comrie Report's findings that the deportation of Vivian Alvarez was the result of 'catastrophic', and systemic failures' on the part of her department.

"The Comrie Report confirms that an aggressive culture of suspicion at DIMIA has lead to the deportation of Ms Alvarez," Senator Nettle said.

"The government and Minister are responsible for the culture in DIMIA and abuses that Ms Alvarez, amongst others, has suffered. Senator Vanstone has given no indication that she will accept this responsibility and so the Prime Minister should step in and sack the minister.

"During May and June this year another 20 cases of unlawful detention have come to light.

"It's not good enough for the Minister to blame three middle ranking DIMIA officials when the blame must lie with the Minister.

"The report recommends that the Department write to Ms Alvarez's ex-husband to thank him for continuing to pursue the whereabouts of Ms Alvarez. It shouldn't be up to diligent citizens to hassle DIMIA to do their job.

"The problem lies with the policy of mandatory detention which has generated an overzealous, cowboy compliance culture which has been encouraged by this government.

"Until the policy of mandatory detention has been scrapped abuses of the kind Ms Alvarez and over 200 others have suffered will continue."

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