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Refugee appeal success shows why anti-refugee bills should be rejected.

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Australian Democrats Press Releases

Senator Andrew Bartlett Deputy Parliamentary Leader and Democrats Senator for Queensland Australian Democrats spokesperson for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs

Dated: 01 August 2006 Press Release Number: nkwjouuy Portfolio: Immigration and Multicultural Affairs

Refugee Appeal Success Shows Why Anti-refugee Bills Should be Rejected

News that the 43rd and final asylum seeker who arrived from West Papua in January has had his refugee claim approved by the Refugee Review Tribunal shows that an independent umpire on refugee claims is essential, Democrats Immigration spokesperson Senator Andrew Bartlett said today.

"The original decision to deny this man's claim because his sister was on a study visa in Japan was ludicrous."

"You could not get a simpler example of why there has to be an independent mechanism to review decisions by the Government when it refuses refugee claims," Senator Bartlett said.

"This process is precisely what asylum seekers have not had when they have been locked up in Nauru."

"I hope this decision provides the obvious reason for some Liberal Senators to knock back the Government's anti-refugee legislation, which is still sitting in the wings and which would prevent more people from being able to access this independent review mechanism."

"If this man had been sent to Nauru as the Federal Government now wants to do, he would still be stuck there, just as many others were stuck on Nauru for years before political and public pressure forced some action."

"No half-baked pretend review of cases on Nauru can substitute for a proper legally based and enforceable mechanism," Senator Bartlett said.