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Tasmanian Education Minister acts disgracefully.

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Media Release

Tasmanian Education Minister Acts Disgracefully K87 19th April 2001

Paula Wriedt’s action in endorsing deceitful union propaganda is a disgrace.

"In contributing to a leaflet filled with union propaganda that has been specifically designed to mislead parents about education funding, the Tasmanian Minister for Education has stooped to new levels. Her actions are disgraceful," said Minister for Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Dr David Kemp.

"The leaflet contains outright misinformation and misrepresentation and I am absolutely shocked that any Minister would put a signature to such a shoddy document," said Dr Kemp.

Minister Wriedt’s message in the pamphlet does not stand up to any level of scrutiny:

WRIEDT: "The current Federal Government is savaging public education."

FACT: No other Federal government, of any persuasion, has given more funding to government schools in Tasmania. Federal Government funding for government schools in Tasmania in 2001 is now at a record $59.6 million.

FACT: Funding to government schools from the Howard Government is increasing faster than the number of pupils - it has increased by over 30% in Tasmania in five years.

FACT: Federal Government funding for government schools in Tasmania is increasing faster than funding from the Tasmanian Labor Government - a 4.5% increase last year compared with 2.7% from Tasmania.

FACT: No money from government schools has been or will be diverted to non-government schools - NOT ONE RED CENT!!!

FACT: The Howard Government’s literacy and school-to-work policies, including school-based apprenticeships are the most significant equity policies in education today.

FACT: Sixty-one percent of all money flowing to schools through the Commonwealth Budget goes to government schools.

"Minister Wriedt, with an entire government department, and all of the facts and figures at her disposal, surely cannot believe this propaganda. She is merely a

puppet of the unions, a trait she shares with so many of her federal Labor colleagues," said Dr Kemp.

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