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Close of public submissions to Health and Medical Research Strategic Review.

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Health and Medical Research Strategic Review




26 April 1998




The Health and Medical Research Strategic Review’s initial submissions period has closed with more than 150 submissions lodged by a wide range of interested parties within the Australian and international research community.


The Strategic, Review has been established to look into the role of health and medical research in meeting Australia’s health care needs into the next millennium.


“This Strategic Review is the first step in defining the way forward for the health and medical research sector. Participation from those people who are involved in the sector and have an intimate knowledge of its workings - is our most valuable resource,” Review Committee Chairman, Mr Peter Wills, said.


“The Review Committee is extremely pleased with the extent and quality of the public response to the call for submissions. The Reviews charter impacts on an extremely broad spectrum of the health and medical research community and the range and diversity of submissions received reflects that.


“Parties which have lodged submissions include educational institutions, consumer groups, public health organisations, medical, health care and research specialists and associations, and government bodies.


“The Committee’s analysis is reliant upon wide public consultation and an undertaking from interested parties to share, in detail, their views. At this stage, we are extremely encouraged by the level of community participation and we look forward to ongoing consultation as we move to develop our recommendations to Government.”


The Health and Medical Research Strategic Review was set up in March 1998 by the Federal Government’s Minister for Health and Family Services, Dr Michael Wooldridge. The Review’s charter is to establish a better understanding of Australia’s future health care needs and to recommend the strategic role that health and medical research might play in successfully accommodating these needs. The Review is required to deliver its Report to the Federal Government later this year.


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