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Labor launches the Save Medicare Hotline.

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Shadow Minister for Health




m in my electorate of

ishing this hotline because under the Howard Government, Medicare is in crisis.

are was not in

t worked. In 1996, more than 80% of visits to the doctor cost patients nothing because the

is policies have put Medicare on the

critical list.

ting harder and harder to see a doctor for free. Nationally, the 10 million re were in 1996.

e to pay to see a GP who doesn’t

bulk bill has skyrocketed by more than 55%.

off entirely. Under his plan the vast pay.

L o r their help.

T rb and town. I want Australians to


• Haven’t been able to find a doctor who bulk bills and sees patients for free. a do tor be ause they couldn’t afford to. ho all ws pa ents p ying tra to • Went without something they really needed because they had to pay to see a doctor. • Ended up in a hospital emergency department because they couldn’t afford to see a doctor.

Labor’s Save Medicare Hotline can be contacted by ringing 1800 006 269 or sending an email to


I am today launching Labor’s Save Medicare Hotline at a community health foru Lalor.

Labor is establ

Labor is the party that built Medicare and believes in Medicare. Under Labor, Medic crisis - i doctor bulk billed.

John Howard, in contrast, has never believed in Medicare and h

John Howard’s policies mean it is get rate of bulk billing by GPs has slumped by more than 12%. That means there are now fewer services each year being bulk billed by GPs than the

To make matters worse, as bulk billing has fallen, the amount you hav

John Howard’s answer to the Medicare crisis is to kill Medicare majority of Australians will only be able to see a doctor if they

ab r is campaigning to save Medicare and is asking all Australians fo

he Medicare crisis is hurting every Australian home, street, subu et Labor know exactly how John Howard’s Medicare crisis is hurting them.

I am asking Australians to contact Labor’s Save Medicare Hotline if they:

• Ended up not seeing c c

• Went to a doctor w o ti a ex jump the queue.

or visiting and following the prompts.

For further information contact:

Jamie Snashall on 0407 438 746 Wednesday 30 July 2003