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Move to restore Press Council independence welcomed

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11 May 2018

Move to restore Press Council independence welcomed

Reports that the Australian Press Council will move to remove GetUp Deputy Chair Carla McGrath from the Council due to conflicts is overdue but nonetheless welcome.

When she was appointed in June last year, Senator Abetz criticised the appointment saying that the Press Councils should reconsider the appointment.

“The fact it has taken a year, a new conflicts policy and legal advice for the Press Council to figure out what many knew straight away is concerning. Clearly the appointment was inappropriate at the time and it is sad that it’s taken this long for them to realise,” Senator Abetz said.

“The Press Council plays an important role that relies on independence and respect. This appointment, along with a number of other appointments in recent years, have regrettably tainted the Council’s independence and lowered its standing in the community.”

“While this decision is very much overdue, I am pleased that they have finally taken action and hope the Press Council will now focus on rebuilding trust and its reputation,” Senator Abetz concluded.

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