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Remarks at the Mothers Day Classic: speech, Sydney

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Remarks at the Mother’s Day Classic The Domain, Sydney



Lucy and I are so, so honoured to be with you.

Congratulations and so much love to all of the survivors.

Well done! Give yourselves a big cheer.


And you know we were just talking to Amanda, a woman a mum, who’s survived breast cancer and she was there with her friends, and she said and they agreed, that she got through it because of their love.

The love that you’re showing this morning, supporting breast cancer research is the love that pulls us through, it pulls people through emotionally and it provides the resources for the research that we need to walk all over breast cancer by 2030. That’s the goal.


We’re backing you. You know we’ve just listed yet another great life saving drug, Kisqali, on the PBS and we’re doing more, making sure the best drugs, the best services, the best science are there to support you.

So on this Mother’s Day, a day of love, support the survivors, put your arms around your mother, your wife whether she’s a mother or a grandmother or great grandmother -not yet we’ve got that to look forward too.


Whether she’s called mum, or mummy, or granny or nanna or gaga, as Lucy is. That’s the thing, this is all about love.

So have a great walk, and remember we’re committed to walking all over breast cancer.

Congratulations Sarah, where are you? Sarah’s the Chief Executive of the National Breast Cancer Research, and what she’s done, what you’ve done is raise $33 million over 21 years of this walk. And what we want to do is get to $40 million as quickly as possible.

So have a great walk and if you’re not here walking today, just watching this on television. Get online and make a donation.

This is a day to show all of the love you can to your mother, to your grandmother, to all of the mothers in your life. And above all to remember it’s our mission to walk all over breast cancer.

That is the way we support our mothers, our grandmothers, now and in the years ahead.

Lots of love and have a great walk.


Press Office of the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, Prime Minister, Canberra