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Budget 2018: Time to replace the ABC

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For immediate release - 9 May 2018


Time to replace the ABC IF THE ABC can’t do its job with more than a billion dollars, it’s time to look for someone else who can, according to Federal Member for Dawson, George Christensen. ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie complained to staff last night that the Federal Budget did not increase funding for the ABC, saying: "This decision will make it very difficult for the ABC to meet its charter requirements and audience expectations." Mr Christensen said consideration should be given to better ways to achieve the outcomes that were requested of the ABC. “If the Managing Director thinks the organisation can’t do its job, it’s time to get a new organisation or a new Managing Director,” Mr Christensen said. “I’m sure if we put the job up for tender, we could find some other media organisation who could fulfil the requirements of the ABC’s charter for a fraction of the cost. “If another organisation followed the charter, they would not waste taxpayer dollars producing a current affairs program airing left wing bias and bashing up regional Australia at every opportunity. “Nowhere in the charter does it say the national broadcaster needs to demonise farmers, miners, or industries that sustain regional (and Australian) economies.” A measure announced in Tuesday night’s budget froze ABC funding at current levels but taxpayers will fork out more than a billion dollars a year for an organisation exempt from efficiency dividends that apply to other government agencies. Mr Christensen said the funding freeze did not apply to the SBS, but both broadcasters would be subject to a review. “If the Managing Director is so concerned about her ability to meet the requirements of the charter, she can go and take a look at what the charter requires and then reassess all the ABC’s activities that go beyond the scope of that charter,” he said. “The task of the ABC is not to put other media out of business by using its taxpayer-funded competitive advantage.” ENDS For further information, contact Dave Westman on 0402 411 984

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