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Does the ABC stand by it's outrage merchant employee?

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13 April 2018

Does the ABC stand by it’s outrage merchant employee?

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation must explain whether it endorses the actions of Yassmin Abdel-Magied whom the broadcaster has recently reemployed.

Despite the ABC previously disclosing that it had to counsel her over violations of its employment policies over deliberately provocative tweets, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade needing to appoint a mentor for her to continue in her work, the ABC has recently reemployed Ms Abdel-Magied.

“Ms Abdel-Magied is up to her old tricks by trying to whip up outrage over her failed entry to the US despite it being entirely due to her own incompetence,” Senator Abetz said.

“Ms Abdel-Magied’s attempts on Twitter to claim that the refused entry was a ‘deportation’ on the basis of race or political views despite the facts showing that she had actually obtained an incorrect visa is just the latest example of over-exaggeration and deception deployed.”

“The ABC who has taken the specific step of reemploying her and must explain whether these tactics are endorsed by them or whether she will be, for the third time, counselled over her conduct,” Senator Abetz concluded.

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