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Greens will block TPP in the Senate

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Media Release

Monday, 16 January 2017

Greens will block TPP in the Senate

The Australian Greens will vote against ratifying the Trans Pacific Partnership in the Senate, following reports of the Prime Minister’s misguided plan to revive it, and are urging Labor and the crossbench to do the same.

“We’re calling on Labor and the crossbench to join us in rejecting that the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It’s a disastrous deal that would only help major corporations and it should never have progressed as far as it did,” Greens Trade spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“Malcolm Turnbull is delusional and wasting his time if he thinks he can revive this dodgy agreement. It would drive up costs for things like cancer medication, and leave regular Australians worse off.

“This deal has been flawed from the start, stitched together behind closed doors by corporations, for corporations. It's the big pharmaceutical, fossil fuel and multinationals that want this deal done. Again Turnbull is doing the bidding for his big business mates.

"The TPP includes ISDS clauses that would give corporations the right to sue governments. These clauses are inherently undemocratic and The Greens won't stand for them.

“It’s time to stop flogging this dead horse and immediately cease all moves towards ratifying the TPP. I call on Labor and the crossbench to stand up for regular Australian people and vote to knock the TPP off, once and for all.”

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