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Speech to the Japan-Australia Business Dialogue, Sydney

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THE HON STEVEN CIOBO MP Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment




JANUARY 14, 2016


To Prime Minister Abe, Premier Mike Baird, Sir Rod Eddington the president of Australia-Japan Business Cooperation Committee and to Dr Mimura-san, President of the Japan-Australia Business Cooperation Committee, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.

It's a great pleasure for me as Australia's Trade, Tourism and Investment Minister to have the

opportunity this morning to make some welcoming remarks. Those of you seated around the

table represent in a physical sense the strength of the trade and investment relationship

between Japan and Australia.

It's a relationship that started in 1957 with the formal Commencement and it’s one that’s now

been going for more than six decades. In many respects tomorrow, the most recent iteration of

this relationship which was of course the comprehensive Japan Australia Economic

Partnership Agreement celebrates its second anniversary.

This Agreement, an Agreement which really brings to the table the common values, the

common heritage that we have in terms of trade as well as our common aspirations for a

prosperous future for our people, built upon open access to markets, a belief that trade drives

economic growth, an understanding that in order to ensure that in our region we can

overcome together the challenges we face, we do this through the people-to-people links that

trade and investment drives.

Can I also say, coming from the Gold Coast and being in this city of Sydney, I know that both

places are particularly fond, I should say Japanese are very fond of both places. Australia and

Japan share so many things. Whether it's Australian tourists going to enjoy the ski fields in

Sapporo or whether it's Japanese coming to enjoy the great shopping in Sydney or the

beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast.

The fact is our peoples love each other's countries and share our common approach that we

have to enjoyment of life and to mutual benefit through trade. Can I conclude by remarking

on this fact: We will have opportunities in the future to continue to grow our relationship.

I want to congratulate Prime Minster Abe for his strong global leadership with respect to the

Trans-Pacific Partnership. Australia very firmly believes that the TPP holds significant

benefits for all 12 countries that have signed up to it. It is our earnest hope that we will

continue to see the ratification of the TPP by all 12 countries.

In the interim we will work towards being strong advocates of the myriad of advantages that

flow and will understand that through the TPP we can overcome those mutual challenges that

we face and we can ensure that each of us in a time of significant economic tumult are able to

embrace the tremendous opportunities in trade and investment and ensure that we underpin

the economic success and growth of our countries in the years ahead. You today can make

sure we also continue to build on that.

Thank you.