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Solar rebates delayed until almost winter.

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Thu, 29th January 2009

SOLAR REBATES DELAYED UNTIL ALMOST WINTER The Hon Greg Hunt MP Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water

Long delays may well force many home owners to wait until almost winter to get their solar rebate.

Frustrated solar industry sources are reporting that it is taking up to six months for the $8,000 solar panel rebate to be paid by the federal government.

In a week of power outages and baking sun, Peter Garrett is forcing people to wait until near-on winter to get the funding to help them to go solar.

Families are being prevented from doing the right thing by the environment by installing solar systems in their homes.

As the sun belts down over many parts of Australia, solar panel rebate applications have been gathering dust at the Environment Minister’s door.

It’ll be cold, wet and cloudy before many people finally get their solar panel rebates paid.

Mr Garrett is overseeing chaos in his department as delays stymie rebate applications.

And the situation may well get worse as people rush to get applications approved before a new, less generous system comes in. The Government is phasing out the Coalition’s $8,000 solar panel rebate and replacing it with a system that will pay thousands less.

Under a new system due in come in mid year, people will be paid a rebate based on a complicated system calculated on the market-based value of renewable energy certificates and where you live.

Figures out today from Melbourne company, Solar Sunwerx, show that people in Melbourne buying a common 1kw solar system would receive $4,600 less than the Coalition rebate. People in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra would receive $4,000 less under the Rudd Government.

If people are suffering delays in solar applications now, things may well get much worse when they discover they will be entitled to less incentive from Mr Garrett to go solar.

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