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Sherry and Emerson: wrong again.

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Thu, 5th February 2009


The Hon Chris Pearce MP Shadow Minister for Financial Services, Superannuation and Corporate Law

Ministers Sherry and Emerson today severely distorted the Coalition’s suggestion to contribute a portion of the Superannuation Guarantee Charge for small employers (with 20 or fewer staff).

Both Ministers have obviously discussed the idea amongst themselves and have chosen to deliberately misrepresent the Coalition’s policy suggestion. They have falsely claimed that the cost would amount to $20.5 billion, yet have not revealed the underlying assumptions.

The Coalition has neither said ‘the Government would pay the superannuation obligations of a range of businesses,’ nor did the Coalition say that Government should contribute the total amount of the Superannuation Guarantee.

What we did say was that the Government would ‘contribute a substantial portion of the Superannuation Guarantee payments.’

Both Ministers have consistently missed the mark - and this instance is no exception. The motivation underpinning this policy idea is clear. We need to sustain Australian jobs. Minister Emerson says that it is unclear how this measure would pass on benefits to consumers. His comprehension and emphasis is completely misguided, as the idea is to lower the cost of employment, enabling small businesses to hire and retain staff.

The Coalition is disappointed that the Government has chosen not to engage in a round table discussion on this sensible and targeted idea to reduce the cost of employment and to help safeguard jobs.

Instead of considering this idea, which has been warmly welcomed by industry groups, the Government has put its energies into misrepresentation.

Mr Pearce urged the Government to take-up the Opposition’s offer of assistance to help Australian businesses meet the costs of employment.