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Turnbull's hung parliament comments: dishonest; arrogant and dangerous

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27 June 2016


The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, will comment on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s alarmist claims about a potential power-sharing Parliament.

WHEN: 1:30pm TODAY 27 June WHERE: Parliament House lawns HOBART

“The Prime Minister is being blatantly dishonest by trying to claim that power-sharing Parliaments lead to anarchy and chaos,” Mr Wilkie said.

“History shows that in fact power-sharing Parliaments are often quite stable and reformist, as was the case during the 43rd Parliament.

“It’s also extremely arrogant for the Prime Minister to try and tell voters that they shouldn’t give their vote to an independent or minor party candidate and that the only right way to vote is to vote for him. Essentially, Mr Turnbull is saying that the almost one third of Australians who don’t vote for the major parties are wrong.

“Comments like this are terribly disrespectful of the democratic process which allows every Australian to vote for whichever candidate best reflects their views.

“And for Mr Turnbull to be seeking unrestrained power is dangerous. Remember that WorkChoices, for example, was borne of Prime Minister John Howard’s unfettered power in the Parliament.

“The Prime Minister needs to realise that there’s a reason that people are moving away from the major parties in droves. He would do well to listen to the Australian people rather than running a ridiculous and unfounded scare campaign.

“The Prime Minister, and the Opposition Leader I would add, should stop blaming everyone else for their troubles. That Liberal and Labor are on the nose is entirely the fault of the Liberal and Labor parties.”

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