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"Don't vote Liberal or Labor" - dairy farmer's message to Lambie

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Senator for Tasmania

Putting Tasmania First

Jacqui Lambie

Media Statement


“Don’t vote Liberal or Labor.” - Dairy Farmer’s message to


Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has met with Alex

Robertson - the Vice President of Farmer Power, the new lobby group

representing Dairy Farmers - and asked Alex what message he has for

Australian Dairy Farmers for this election.

Alex Robertson gives his advice in a 30sec YouTube video clip:

“I wasn’t surprised when Alex told me that his message for the Dairy Industry was - Don’t vote

Liberal or Labor. Vote Independents. Lets take control of our industries back and stop the

Supermarkets controlling or ruining our lives - more to the point.” said Senator Lambie.

“Independents including JLN Candidates in Tas, Vic, NSW and QLD - holding the balance of power

in the next parliament - are the only hope that 40% of our Dairy farmers have of saving their

businesses.” said Senator Lambie.

“All our Dairy farmers have been treated in an appalling manner by milk multinationals and super

markets - and I find it very hard to understand why our major political parties refuse to support a

50c per litre milk levy. It’s the only thing that will stop our dairy farmers from going broke - and

guarantee that our children will be able to access fresh Australian milk in the future.

If JLN senators hold the balance of power after this election - a 50 per litre milk levy, which the

majority of Australians support - will be one of the first policy issues we’ll negotiate with the new

Prime Minister.” said Senator Lambie.

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Senator for Tasmania

Putting Tasmania First

Jacqui Lambie

From left to right: Darryl Cardona - Acting CEO of National Dairy Products, Alex Robertson - Dairy

Farmer & Vice President of Farmer Power, Senator Lambie JLN, Devonport Mayor Steve Martin

and JLN Tas Senate Candidate.