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Receipt of request for costing of election commitments

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17 June 2016 Our Ref: COA 001


The Department of Finance and the Treasury have been asked by the Prime Minister to cost the following 29 election commitments for the Coalition under the Charter of Budget Honesty Act 1998:

 The Coalition’s Policy to Help Families with Diabetes  Coalition’s plan for access to affordable pathology for all Australians  The Coalition’s Policy to Protect Vulnerable Workers  The Coalition’s Policy for More Jobs and Growth through Increased Trade and

Investment  Delay to commencement of Working Holiday Makers 2015-16 Budget measure  The Coalition’s Policy to Encourage More Clinical Trials in Australia  Yellow Crazy Ants Eradication Fund  Mobile Black Spot Programme - Round Three  The Coalition’s plan to support your local parks and environment  The Coalition’s Policy for More Sport in Our Schools  The Coalition’s Policy to Develop Indigenous Business Opportunities  The Coalition’s Policy to Expand Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

through P-TECH Style Pilot Schools  The Coalition’s policy to support traditional land owners to control their land  The Coalition’s Policy to Support Innovative New Businesses and Jobs  Safer Communities Fund  The Coalition’s Policy to Develop Australia’s Medical Research Capabilities -

Investing $20 million to Boost Childhood Cancer Research  The Coalition’s Policy for Jobs and Growth in South Australia  The Coalition’s Policy to Protect Australia’s Threatened Species  The Coalition’s Policy to Increase Research and Community Engagement in Gas


 The Coalition’s Policy to establish the Centre of Agriculture Excellence at the University of New England  The Coalition’s Plan for Access to Affordable Diagnostic Imaging for all Australians  Continued funding for Beef Week  National Institute for Forest Products Innovation  Protecting the Rights of Older Australians  Help find a Cure4MND  Ban Cosmetic Testing on Animals  Better Dementia Care Across Australia


 Reporting Fairness and Transparency to Australia Workplaces  The Turnbull Government and Springboard Delivering More Jobs in Adelaide

These costings will be completed in accordance with the Charter of Budget Honesty: Policy Costing Guidelines 2016. The Guidelines are available at

These costing requests will be published on this website on the evening of 17 June 2016.

Jane Halton AO PSM Secretary Department of Finance

Contact: Media Team Telephone: 6215 2665