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Labor commits to core government services

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Labor understands the importance of essential government services and will support the core government services provided by Centrelink and the Department of Human Services.

The Abbott-Turnbull Government has failed to maintain an appropriate level or quality of service delivery to Australian citizens who rely on the department for a wide range of government payments and services

Centrelink services have significantly declined under the Abbott-Turnbull Government, and the cuts made in the 2016 Budget will diminish services, increase wait times and increase the frustration of citizens using DHS services.

Government neglect and incompetence and under-staffing at the Department of Human Services is causing terrible hardship to parents, students, the elderly, and Australia’s most vulnerable people.

Job cuts and an increase in casual employment has resulted in inexperienced and poorly trained casual staff who are concerned they are unable to provide citizens with the support they require.

There are currently around 3,000 casual staff across the Department of Human Services.

Labor will take steps to reverse the increase in precarious employment in the public service by providing $75m over four years in capped funding to convert casual employees into permanent employees, with access to appropriate training and support.

In contrast to Labor’s commitment to public services, Mr Turnbull and the Liberals are investigating ways to privatise vital government services - including health and education.

Malcolm Turnbull's privatisation agenda doesn't stop at Medicare. There is now proof he has his sights on every single service that millions of Australians rely on.

Malcolm Turnbull puts profits first and people last. Only Labor can be trusted to put people first.

SUNDAY, 19 JUNE 2016

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