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Laurie admits his limp-wrist approach

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DAVID M. CONNOLLY MP National Director, Australia 2000 Program

Federal Member for Bradfield Secretary to Shadow Cabinet

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It is a great pity that only now, after nearly 9 years in Government, the Labor Party has just discovered the Australian Electorate. (haurie Breretgp) complains of his limp wrist from signing letters to people who have taken up the Prime Minister•s invitation to contribute to his economic statement.

John Hewson proved his credentials in August 1990, when he launched the AUSTRALIA 2000 program, inviting people around Australia to write to him about the kind of Australia they would like to see as we approach the next century. The report, Australians Speak was published in September 1991, presenting an

overview of the many thousands of letters received by Dr Hewson. Laurie Brereton and Paul Keating could have saved themselves a lot of trouble had they bothered to refer to this report to learn what Australians want for their country.

Now, after 18 months of community consultation, hard work and detailed planning, the Coalition has presented the Fightback package which has been warmly received by the Australian people.

It is indicative of Keating•s limited understanding of economic complexities that he has coined the term 1 1kick-start 11 suggesting that one quick-fire action could reverse Australia's severe economic downturn. It is also representative of his pompous attitude to the Australian electorate that he would think any meaningful community consultation could be carried out over a period of 6 weeks.

Keating is 18 months too late.

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