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Keating tries to buy back votes in Townsville

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Joh ewson MEDIA RELEASE Leader of the Opposition 219/92 28 July 1992 �\�-� 2.--- �

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The people of To·..msville wi:l never forget the unbounded arrogance and insensitivity of the Prime Minister in re lation to the Corttl Sea celebrations, and in particular, his . failure to attend t.he unveiling of the Coral Sea Memorial even though his name had be en carved into the granite of the Memorial.

They will remember that when the Prime Minister finally did make it to Townsville, he flew into the RAAF base, changed from his V:P jet to a helicopter to attend the wreath laying ceremony at sea and then reversed the process without going

anywhere near the people of Townsville or indeed the veterans who participated in the Coral Sea �emorial celebration at sea.

Against this background, the people of Townsville and in the seat of Herbert more broadly, are unlikely to be fooled by the :?rime .V.inister's blatant hypocrisy in now committing some of the money of the Better Cities Program to Townsville.

While nobody doubts the merit of the argument to re vitalise the South '.�ownsvil le area, and to 1:r:e further de velopment of the port of Townsville, one •.,:ondP-rs whother the Prime Minister �ou ld have done anything �boul it if he had not faced a massive electoral backlash over his appalling performance during the Coral Sea celebrations.

Today's action confirms Better Cities Program is vote buying program.

the long held suspicion going to be used by Labor that the as a huge

Don't be surprised to see other Bett er Cities money being "strat egi call y" allocated to key marginal seats.

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