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Disaster assistance for the Crib Point bushfire in Victoria

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29 January 2016

Disaster Assistance for the Crib Point bushfire in Victoria Minister for Justice Michael Keenan and Minister for Emergency Services Jane Garrett today announced disaster assistance in response to the bushfire which impacted Crib Point on 18 January 2016.

Disaster assistance is being provided through the jointly-funded Commonwealth-State Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA).

Eligible individuals in the local government area of Mornington Peninsula will now be able to access the following emergency grants to relieve personal hardship and distress:

 Emergency Relief Assistance, which provides payments of up to $520 per adult and $260 per child (up to a maximum of $1,300 per household) available to help meet immediate needs, including emergency food, shelter, clothing, and personal items.

 Emergency Re-establishment Payments, which provide up to $32,500 per eligible household for clean-up, emergency accommodation, repairs, rebuilding (a principal place of residence), and replacing some damaged contents.

In addition, affected individuals and families will be able to access personal and financial counselling; and the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and state agencies will be able to seek assistance with the costs of clean-up operations and restoration of essential public assets.

Anyone who has been affected by the bushfires and is suffering personal hardship and distress should call the Victorian Emergency Recovery Information Line on 1300 799 232 to find out about the assistance that is available.

Information about the assistance can be found on the **µ*ê*ö*Ã¥***o*]***v*'*}*¿***Ã¥*v*u***v*ö*[*ê***]*ê***ê*ö***Ã¥***ê*ê*]*ê*ö**¡*****ê*]*ö******ö* and through Emergency Relief and Recovery Victoria ( or 1300 799 232).

Quotes attributable to The Hon Michael Keenan, Commonwealth Minister for Justice:

*^d*Z*****µ*ê*ö*Ã¥***o*]***v****v***s*]***ö*}*Ã¥*]***v**P*}*¿***Ã¥*v*u***v*ö*ê**Z***¿****Ã¥***ê*â*}*v********ã*µ*]***l*o*«**ö*}**ö*Z*****Ã¥*]***W*}*]*v*ö****µ*ê*Z*(*]*Ã¥****ö*}****v*ê*µ*Ã¥****ö*Z***ö* disaster assistance is available to the affected commu*v*]*ö*«*X*_

*^***Ã¥***v*P****}*(**Ã¥***o*]***(****v****Ã¥*****}*¿***Ã¥*«**u*****ê*µ*Ã¥***ê**Z***¿**********v******ö*]*¿***ö******µ*v*****Ã¥**ö*Z****P*}*¿***Ã¥*v*u***v*ö*ê*[*E*ZZ***ö*}**ê*µ*â*â*}*Ã¥*ö* *ö*Z******(*(*****ö********}*u*u*µ*v*]*ö*«**¡*]*ö*Z**ö*Z***]*Ã¥**Ã¥*****}*¿***Ã¥*«*X*_

"The Commonwealth and Victorian governments are committed to working together to assist disaster affected communities."

Quotes attributable to Jane Garrett, Victorian Minister for Emergency Services:

*^d*Z*****}*u*u*}*v*¡*****o*ö*Z****v***s*]***ö*}*Ã¥*]***v**P*}*¿***Ã¥*v*u***v ts are providing assistance to help those affected by the Crib W*}*]*v*ö****µ*ê*Z*(*]*Ã¥***X*_

*^d*Z******u***Ã¥*P***v***«**P*Ã¥***v*ö*ê will help individuals and families with their immediate needs following the fire and provide support to people to re-***ê*ö*****o*]*ê*Z**ö*Z***]*Ã¥**Z*}*u***ê*X*_

*^d*Z****ê*µ*u*u***Ã¥**(*]*Ã¥****ê*****ê*}*v**]*ê*v*[*ö**}*¿***Ã¥**«***ö*X*t******Ã¥******v***}*µ*Ã¥***P*]*v*P* Victorians need to remain vigilant and make sure they have a bushf*]*Ã¥****â*o***v*X*_

Media Contacts: Minister Keenan: Shannen Wilkinson 0476 820 816 Minister Garrett: Holly Little 0437 381 620