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Senator Lazarus tackles alcohol fuelled violence

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Senator Lazarus tackles alcohol fuelled violence

1 February 2016

Senator for Queensland, Glenn Lazarus today pledged to reduce the scourge of alcohol fuelled violence across Australia and is calling on the Senate to support his proposal to establish a Senate Inquiry into the issue. If successful, the Inquiry will be undertaken by the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee, of which Senator Lazarus is chair.

“I am determined to do something about the scourge of alcohol fuelled violence which is impacting so many people and so many communities across Australia,” Senator Glenn Lazarus said today.

“Only a few weeks ago, we lost a wonderful young man in Brisbane by the name of Col Miller, as a result of an alleged one punch attack.

“It seems as though every week we are seeing sickening cases of people being killed or permanently injured as a result of non-provoked alcohol fuelled attacks.

“States and territories are dealing with the issue of alcohol fuelled violence in different ways. Some states are doing more than others.

“Clearly, as a nation, the Federal Government needs to show leadership and develop in partnership with all states and territories a national strategy to address the issue in a consistent and comprehensive manner.

“The Senate Inquiry will investigate the need for a national strategy and all of the issues which need to be considered as part of this.

“I will be putting this to the Senate on Wednesday in the form of a motion and I am calling on all Australians to support me by contacting your local member and state Senator and encourage them to get behind my Inquiry.

“The Inquiry will look into the need for a national approach, lock out laws and service of alcohol, industry training, penalties and bail for one punch perpetrators, awareness and education, policing, funding, community expectations and consistency across all states and territories.

“I personally have been affected by alcohol fuelled violence. I received a phone call in the dead of night a few months ago from a hospital in Brisbane. My youngest son had been glassed from behind. Thankfully he is now on the mend.

“Everyone deserves the right to enjoy their city and their social life in safety and not have to worry about being hurt while out at night.

“Hopefully this Senate Inquiry will result in action from the Federal Government.

"The people of Australia have had enough and they want action.

"They are fed up watching coward punchers walk free and they want the Government to start taking a more proactive approach to reducing alcohol fuelled violence across the country.”