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Budget 2014: Boosting the economy through Australia's migration programme

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The Hon. Scott Morrison MP Minister for Immigration and Border Protection


Tuesday 13 May 2014


Growth in bus iness visa programmes will be prior iti s ed and over $3 00 million wi l l be saved through changes to Aus t ra l ia ' s 2014-15 migration programme, Mi ni ste r f or Immigration and Border Protection, t he Hon Sco tt Mo rrison, said t oday.

"The Abbott Government i s ensuring ou r migration pro gramme matches t he natio n's economic and skills needs whil e also contributing to a coh esive and s trong community," Mini s ter Mo rris on s aid .

'This Budget all ocates al most 68 per cent of Austra lia's migration places to ski l led migr ation, and reprioritises employer-sponsore d visas.

" With t he re prioritisation t owards employer-sponsored visas, employers will be assisted in fi nd in g wor kers t o fill vital posi ti on s where they have been unable to find lo cal wor kers. This also prot ect s Aus tralian workers, who will have less direct co mpet ition f ro m i ndependent migrants who arrive without a guar ant eed j ob.

"The 20 14-15 migration program pr ovides a t otal of 190,000 pla ces i nclu ding 128,550 for skille d mig ra t io n, 60,885 places f or family migration and 565 places fo r migration under t he sp ecial eligibility s t ream.

" The fami ly stream wi l l s ee more places being al l ocated for par t ners and children which t ogether in crease by 335 places, in recognition of the strong s oci al and economic benefits of close family r eunion, while t he numb er of places in t he contributor y parent category has als o b ee n increased by 500 places.

" The additional 4,0 00 places in t he family stream which t he previous gov ern ment allocated t o ille gal mari t ime ar rivals have been removed, r es ulting in a saving of around $267 mi l lion.

"This change will pr ovide yet anot her disi ncentive f or pe op le conside rin g t he da ngerous bo at j ourney t o Australia.

" Changes to t he s kill ed and f am ily stream in ta kes will pro vide appr ox imately $3 5 million in savings," Minister Morr ison said.

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