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Greens appalled by police video of Indigenous man.

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Rachel Siewert Greens appalled by police video of Indigenous man Media Release | Spokesperson Rachel Siewert

Tuesday 27th January 2009, 12:00am

in Indigenous Rights

The Australian Greens say footage of an Indigenous man under the influence of alcohol dancing and singing at the

request of police, should be removed from you-tube immediately, and should be followed up with training of

Northern Territory police on cultural issues.

"The footage is deeply offensive and degrading. It is appalling that the man was ridiculed in the first place by

being asked to dance and sing, and underscores just how much work is still to be done in Australia in improving

quality of life for indigenous people and ensuring that they are treated with dignity and respect before the law,"

said the Greens Indigenous Spokesperson, Senator Rachel Siewert.

"I understand that there has been an investigation into the matter by the Northern Territory police, but this really

underscores the need for improved cultural competence training to ensure that these sorts of incidents never

happen again."

"Furthermore, the moderators of the you-tube internet site should agree to the numerous requests they have

received to have the video removed. The video is deeply offensive to all Australians."

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