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Remarks to Community Morning Tea: speech, Melbourne

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Remarks to Community Morning Tea, Melbourne January 29, 2013


Helen, you said that I was the kind of bloke who told people what I’m thinking. Well, what I’m thinking right now is how lucky we are to have Emanuele Cicchiello as our candidate for Bruce.

Now, I was very lucky to have Francie with me today, my beautiful daughter. Margie sends her apologies because, as she often

reminds me, she has a real job as the director of a childcare centre. Every day there are 25 youngsters who absolutely depend upon her to turn up and it’s quite an effort for her to get time off. So Margie apologises but it’s great to have Francie with me and

you know the thing that so impressed me when I walked in here was I met Emanuele’s mother, father, wife, children, nephews, nieces, aunties, uncles and this says something about our candidate. It says that he is a much loved member of a big Australian

family. A big Australian family that is so typical of modern Australia.

His parents came from Italy to this country because they wanted a better life and they have made a good life for themselves and for their kids and for their grandchildren. And this is what modern Australia is all about. This is today’s Australia - a country that

makes people from the four corners of the earth welcome because they have come here not to change our way of life, but to join our way of life. They have come here not to detract from our country, but to add to it and one of the things that makes me very

proud to be a Liberal is the diversity of the candidates that we are putting forward for election this time around.

I think this party of ours is the face of modern Australia. It does reflect both the diversity and the unity of modern Australia and certainly Emanuele, you embody that and I see John Nguyen our candidate for Chisholm up there. John, wave at the crowd

please mate because, like Emanuele, you are a contributor. In Bob Menzies’ immortal phrase “you are a lifter, not a leaner” as a former senior partner at one of our largest accounting firms, and Emanuele, you’re the Deputy Principal of a terrific local school.

These are the kinds of young Australians, Australians with their whole life ahead of them, Australians who are achievers, but with so much yet to achieve who we want to see coming into the Parliament to make a difference.

Now, that’s what it’s all about. It’s all about making a difference. Now, I have a plan for Victoria and my plan for Victoria involves

job security and it involves a better life. Job security, because we don’t want to close down the Latrobe Valley with this ill placed if ill-considered carbon tax which is going to damage if not destroy the affordable energy which was the basis of Victoria’s traditional

strengths in the manufacturing industry.

And a better life for people because we all know that if you are living in our cities, particularly in our outer metropolitan suburbs you’ve got to be able to get around and I know because I have spent plenty of time here in Melbourne. It is my 84th trip to

Melbourne since becoming the Opposition Leader. I think I average a trip a fortnight to Victoria. In fact there is a hotel in Melbourne which is rapidly becoming my second home.

The fact is this great city, this great state, is choking on its own traffic and that is why very swiftly after the election of a Coalition

government we will contribute $1.5 billion towards the East West Link to make sure this happens. We have had far too much talk. We have had far too much consulting and liaising and facilitating. Let’s have a bit of doing and we will do the East West Link in

conjunction with the Baillieu Government if we win the next election.

So, ladies and gentleman that is what it is all about. It is about positive plans to make a great country even better. It’s positive plans that mean that finally for the first time in a half a decade we have a government in Canberra that you can feel good about.

I know Australians tend not to put politicians up on a pedestal and frankly it is right that you should keep us in our place, but you

want to be confident that the government in Canberra knows what it is doing - that the government in Canberra has a plan. That the government in Canberra is confident, is trustworthy, won’t say one thing before an election and do the opposite after an


I just want to conclude on this note ladies and gentleman, when I say “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”, I am telling the truth. Let’s have more truth in Canberra and that means let’s have a change of government as quickly as we

possibly can.

Tony Abbott Federal Member for Warringah | Leader of the Opposition

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Thank you so much.


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