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Katter votes to kill carbon tax

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Hon Bob Katter MP Federal Leader

Member for Kennedy

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It's the principle of it



Katter votes to kill carbon tax 21 November 2013: KAP Federal Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter voted with the Federal Government to abolish the carbon tax, which has driven up the cost of fuel, electricity and household expenses.

Since its introduction by the former ALP Federal Government, Mr Katter has been stridently and aggressively opposed to a carbon tax and emissions trading scheme.

“With the carbon tax, we are stone dead and there is no hope for economic development.

“Australia has some of the highest electricity prices in the world, which has only been made worse by the implementation of the carbon tax which is crucifying our mineral resources, agriculture and transport industries and small businesses.

“Every increase in this country will be sheeted home to the ALP Federal Government and their carbon tax.

“It is diabolical for the ALP and Greens to be supporting this tax and they should be rail roaded out of town, tarred and feathered,” Mr Katter said.

Mr Katter has long championed other initiatives such as a 10 per cent ethanol volume in petrol which he has put forward in legislation; and the grassroots proposals along Northern Australia Clean Energy Corridor - as alternatives to reducing CO2 emissions, whilst supporting communities and industries.

“We should be providing, literally, a spoonful of sugar for Australia through the implementation of a 10% ethanol mandate.

“Surely the Parliament cannot argue against a mandate that dramatically reduces road transport carbon emissions and their associated costs to health.

“Ethanol would also help diversify the grain, wheat and sugar industries, create jobs, increase Australia's fuel and food security and ultimately deliver cheaper petrol and electricity to the Australian people,” Mr Katter said.

The abolition of the carbon tax was one of Mr Katter’s 20 point policy reforms in which he delivered the Coalition his vote for Government, following the 2010 ‘hung parliament’ negotiations.