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Reckless government likely to ignore evidence on alcohol

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Media Release

Dr Richard Di Natale Greens Senator for Victoria


Reckless government likely to ignore evidence on alcohol: Greens

Australian Greens health spokesperson, Dr Richard Di Natale, today backed the Australian National Council on Drugs’ call for action to deal with the harms of alcohol but wasn’t optimistic the Abbott would back the recommendations.

“As a doctor and a legislator I welcome the push for action on alcohol from the Australian National Council on Drugs,” said Senator Di Natale.

“Alcohol is linked to one in eight deaths among young Australians so the evidence for action could not be clearer. But sadly this reckless government operates in an evidence-free zone.

“I don’t expect Tony Abbott will listen to the advice of health experts when he won’t listen to the warnings of climate scientists or economists.

“Modern Australia is facing big economic, environmental, and social challenges. Minimising the harms of alcohol abuse is one of those challenges.

“Australia needs a real leader but instead we have Tony Abbott, a coward who runs away from difficult issues.

“The Greens care about our community and we will always listen to the evidence. That’s why the Greens support the National Council on Drugs’ push for action to combat the harms of alcohol abuse.”

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