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Remarks to Shadow Cabinet: speech, Parliament House

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Remarks to Shadow Cabinet, Parliament House March 18, 2013


In the last sitting week before the Budget, the public expect the Government to come up with an economic plan. Plainly, they are going to be disappointed. It is more important than ever that we focus on our Real Solutions plan because the Australian public

need hope that things can be better than they are now.

Under our plan, as we know, two million jobs within a decade, we’ll get rid of the toxic taxes, we’ll stop the boats - and amongst other things that will prevent some $6 billion of budget blowouts - and we will get the Budget back into the black because

governments, like families and businesses, have to live within their means and if the Government is living within its means then we can spend the money on the programmes that people do really want.

So, that’s our challenge this week in particular. While we are preparing to be a competent and trustworthy government, all we are

seeing on the other side of the chamber is a government which is focused on survival. Their plan changes from day to day; from hour to hour. That is all they are focused on - their own survival.

Now, I want to say thank you to everyone around this table. Scott, you’ve done a magnificent job on border protection policy.

Malcolm, you’ve magnificently led the fight against this assault on free speech. Joe, your work on economic policy has been absolutely outstanding. Warren, the infrastructure of the future will be coming thanks to you. Julie, I know our standing in the world

will be much higher in the near future then it has been in the recent past.

Look, this is an important week. Every week is important, but the last week before a critical Budget is very important indeed.

We are doing the work on building a better future for our country and I am afraid the other mob - it’s all about survival. They’re an hour-to-hour proposition right now.


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