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Katter calls on Prime Minister to apologise to Indonesia

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Hon Bob Katter MP Federal Leader

Member for Kennedy

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It's the principle of it


au Katter calls on Prime Minister to apologise to Indonesia

19 November 2013: KAP Federal Leader and Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has used his first Question Time opportunity in the 44th Parliament of Australia to draw the nation’s attention to the plummeting Australian-Indonesian relationship, significantly placing at jeopardy Australia’s recently restored live export trade; amid revelations that Australia attempted to tap the phones of the Indonesian President and his wife.

“If this phone tapping situation was reversed, the Australian people would rightfully be appalled, enraged and seriously concerned.

“The Indonesian President has extended the hand of friendship again and again and again.

“The extraordinary actions and stupidity previously shown by the ALP Gillard Government, has now been compounded by the LNP’s refusal to apologise for this alleged phone tapping incident,” said Mr Katter.

Mr Katter reminded the Parliament, that we are a Christian Nation and therefore Australia should “love our neighbours”.

“If we are following this mantra, we wouldn’t send Australian naval boats into Indonesian waters without their permission, we wouldn’t cut off their food supply (live export ban) and we certainly would not tap the phones of the President and his wife,” said Mr Katter.

Mr Katter today, called on the Prime Minister to immediately issue an apology to the Indonesian President and the Indonesian people regarding the alleged phone tapping incident, a condemnation of the Gillard Government live export ban actions and finally assurances of propriety in the future.

“Ourselves along with the North West Queensland Cattleman’s Crisis Summit and Indonesian Ambassador have built the beef highway to Indonesia.

“Arguably, this has restored the Indonesian’s market demand for Australian beef by 7% overall.

“Now, this work and our relationship building with our neighbours, has been placed in jeopardy.

“The self-purported beef highway repair crew (LNP Government) said they going to repair the damage, but their actions today are damaging our relations further.

“If you keep shoving a pointy stick up the tree log, eventually the Taipan will come out and bite,” said Mr Katter.