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Joint remarks: speech, Linfox, West Melbourne

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Joint Remarks, Linfox, West Melbourne August 16, 2013

Subjects: The Coalition’s commitment to abolish the carbon tax; Kevin Rudd’s carbon tax con.



Ok, it’s great to be here at Linfox at this incredibly important transport hub. It’s great to be with Greg Hunt, the Shadow Minister for the Environment. Also with Sean Armistead, our candidate for Melbourne, a former DFAT officer who is now working in

indigenous employment for Crown - one of the really very, very capable, very, very capable candidates that we’ve got right around Australia working for a change of government.

This is the third anniversary of one of the most notorious remarks in Australian political history. Prime Minister Gillard’s statement,

“There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.”

Well, we know that that statement haunted her for three years. That statement still haunts this government. Far from abolishing the carbon tax, Mr Rudd is keeping the carbon tax, it’s going from a fixed price to a floating price - the carbon tax currently just

over $24. If Mr Rudd is re-elected will be $38 a tonne by 2020 and if Mr Rudd is re-elected, the carbon tax comes on heavy transport on the 1st of July next year. That will be over a hundred million dollar slug on the transport industry next year that will

flow through to everyone going up to a three quarters of a billion dollar slug on the transport industry by 2020.

There is only one way to abolish the carbon tax and that is to elect a Coalition government on September the 7th.

I want to pay tribute to Greg Hunt, the Shadow Minister for the Environment. He has been an extraordinarily effective advocate for sensible environmental change. That’s what we are on about. We are on about protecting the environment with sensible

measures, with targeted incentives. Not great big taxes.

The interesting thing about a business like Linfox is that Linfox has reduced its emissions by 40 per cent and its emissions reductions had nothing to do with a great big new tax and everything to do with the sensible desire of Australian businesses to

reduce their costs and Linfox has certainly reduced its energy costs and its fuel costs, because of these sensible private sector direct action measures and these are the sorts of things that will be incentivised under the Coalition should we win the election.

So, I am going to ask Greg to say a few words, then I might ask Sean to say a few words. Greg?


Thanks very much Tony, Sean. Three years ago, Julia Gillard said there would be no carbon tax. Thirty days ago, Kevin Rudd said there would be no carbon tax. He claimed it would be terminated. There is still a carbon tax, there will still be a carbon tax

after the election, and as of the 1st of July next year, there will be a carbon tax on trucks.

So, as Tony says, that goes from over a $100 million. As the tax drives up to $38 a tonne, it will be three quarters of a million dollars. So, Mr Rudd said no carbon tax, Julia Gillard said no carbon tax. Sadly neither was telling the truth. In Julia Gillard’s case

we found out after the election, in Mr Rudd’s case we found out with the Budget statements from a few days ago where it showed a $38 carbon tax - a tax on trucks, a tax on electricity. Sadly, whilst it has taken three years for us to be absolutely clear that Julia

Gillard wasn’t telling the truth, it took 30 days for Mr Rudd’s deception to be exposed.


Thanks a lot. Look, just to reiterate what Tony and Greg are saying, I live in the seat of Melbourne. I work with a lot of disadvantaged families and communities and they are hurting from the cost of living. And the only way that we are going to ease

that burden is to actually have a Liberal Party in Government and reduce or remove the carbon tax itself, thank you.


Tony Abbott Federal Member for Warringah | Leader of the Opposition

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Thanks mate.


Mr Abbott, what would the cost impact be of your direct action policy on a firm like Linfox?


If you abolish the carbon tax, you reduce everyone’s costs. It is as simple as that. It is always in the interests of businesses and

consumers to abolish taxes and I want to make it absolutely crystal clear - the only way to see the back of the carbon tax is to change the government on September the 7th. Under Kevin Rudd, the carbon tax goes up to $38 a tonne, under Tony Abbott and

the Coalition, the carbon tax abolished - lock, stock, barrel, gone.


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