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Remarks to the New South Wales Business Chamber: speech, Sydney, New South Wales

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Remarks to the New South Wales Business Chamber, Sydney, New South Wales August 19, 2013


Thanks very much, Terry and thanks very much ladies and gentlemen for making myself, the Shadow Minister Bruce Billson, the Shadow Parliamentary Secretary Scott Ryan and of course your extraordinarily hard working and popular local member, John

Alexander so welcome today.

I am really pleased to be here and support this campaign to ensure that small business is in the heart of government. Small business does employ almost 50 per cent of Australia’s workforce, it does produce close to half of our gross domestic product. It

should be at the heart of the concerns of government. It shouldn’t be neglected, pilloried and taken for granted which it has all too often over the last few years.

I want to say to each one of you, in small business, as I look out, I don’t see people who exploit their workers, who rip off their

customers, and who despoil the environment. I see people who build our nation, I see people who put food on families tables, I see people who take risks; put their own houses on the line to ensure that your fellow Australian lives better. This is where it’s so

important that we respect and nurture the small businesses of Australia. I want to try to ensure that an incoming Coalition government is not just talk, is not just care and concern, but its practical action to ensure that the small businesses of Australia get

a better deal.

You’ve asked for lower taxes and we’ll give you lower taxes. We’ll abolish the carbon tax, we’ll abolish the mining tax and we’ll cut the company tax rate. You’ve asked for less red tape and that’s exactly what we’ll deliver. We will give you $1 billion a year in red

tape cost reductions, we will do your paid parental leave paperwork for you through the family assistance office, we will do much of your superannuation guarantee leave paperwork for you - you’ll just have to send one cheque to the ATO and the ATO will do

the rest. You’ve asked to have small business at the heart of the concerns of government and that’s exactly what we’ll do. There’ll be a small business minister in cabinet; he’ll be part of the treasury portfolio. There will be a regulation impact statement to

everything that goes through the cabinet. There will be a root and branch review of competition policy and small business representatives will be put on the board of taxation, on the Fair Work Commission and on the ACCC. You’ve also asked for better

infrastructure because you know, as well as anyone, that if you’re stuck in a traffic jam you’re not working productively, you’re not serving your customers, you’re not getting ahead. So, here in Sydney we will build WestConnex. We will link the city of Sydney

and western Sydney, we will link the biggest CBD in our country to what, on many measures, is the third biggest CBD in our country at Parramatta. We will get Australia moving again, literally and metaphorically.

Ladies and gentlemen, we will work with small business because so many of our members of parliament are small business and

there is no one who has been more evangelical for small business than Bruce Billson the Shadow Minister for Small Business. I want to thank him, I want to thank Scott Ryan and I want to thank John Alexander. They are great members of parliament, they

are great representatives of our nation but above all else, they are soldiers for small business and I know they are very happy to be here today.


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