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Address to Hindmarsh Campaign rally, Adelaide, South Australia

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Address to Hindmarsh Campaign Rally, Adelaide, South Australia August 24, 2013


Lovely to be here. Thank you so much, thank you so much. Well look, Simon’s revved you up, my job is to calm you all down again. I really mean that, I really mean that because this has been a long campaign and we’ve still got two weeks to go. And while

a lot has gone right, there is still two weeks to go and no one should assume that this campaign is over and that this very bad government has already gone. Because if there’s one thing the Labor Party is good at, they’re hopeless at government, but they

are brilliant at politics and the lower the politics the better they are at it. And a Labor Party which is worried, a Labor Party which thinks it’s been wounded is a Labor Party which will do whatever it takes to try to salvage this election. I really want to warn every

one of you, do not assume that this election campaign is now just a forgone conclusion. Please don’t do that because they think negative politics works, they think that negative advertising works and they’ve got $12 million from the union movement that will

be spent in the mother of all scare campaigns over the next fortnight. So my friends, there is still much to be done. But it is a great cause that we have. I was so thrilled to hear Simon singing my praises and you really did, Simon, you sang my praises and I

though thank god it’s not all about me. It is about the people of Australia and how we can give a great people and a great country the better government that this country deserves, that’s what it’s all about. That’s what we are working towards. Yes we are

working to put Simon back into the Senate, we’re working to put Matt Williams into Hindmarsh and yes, down the track, we’re working to make Steven Marshall the Premier of South Australia.

But it’s not about us, it’s about the people of Australia and it’s about doing the right thing by every Australian so that our cost of

living pressures are reduced, our job security is increased and we can feel even more proud of our country in the weeks and months ahead - that’s what it’s all about.

So, the commitment that I give to you is that if there is a change of government in a fortnight’s time, we build a stronger economy

so that everyone can get ahead, I presume that was a bit of a fanfare - what have you done to this P.A system, Simon? We will build a stronger economy so that everyone can get ahead, we will scrap the carbon tax and that will improve a household’s living

standards to the tune of $550 a year, we will get the budget back into the black by ending the waste, and there’s big waste, like the $11.5 billion on border protection blowouts and there’s small waste like $180,000 that the Department of Human Services has

spent on more ergonomic chairs, and don’t you all wish that you’d had those ergonomic chairs to sit on today? We’ll stop the boats and we’ll build the roads of the 21st century because in a few years’ time, if we get there, my great hope is to be known as

an infrastructure Prime Minister. We need to get our country moving, metaphorically and literally, we need to get our country moving again.

My friends, I am very pleased and proud to be here with Matt Williams, our candidate for Hindmarsh. Matt is an outstanding

Australian. Matt is a senior member of a fine firm. He could do a lot of things with his life apart from run for the Liberal Party for a marginal seat but he has chosen to give up a year of his life campaigning for a seat that will be hard to win. But he’s chosen to do

it because he believes in the things that our party stands for and he wants to make our country even better in the future than it’s been in the past.

We have got dozens of great candidates like Matt Williams right around Australia. I am so proud of them. I am so proud of you.

Just two weeks to go there is nothing wrong with our country right now, almost nothing wrong with our country right now that wouldn’t be improved by a change of government. We owe it to the people of Australia to change the government so that our

future will be bright and that bright future starts on the 7th of September. Thank you so much.


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