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Remarks at Adelaide Roads Announcement: speech, Adelaide, South Australia

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Remarks at Adelaide Roads Announcement, Adelaide, South Australia August 24, 2013


It’s terrific to be here in the electorate of Boothby at the site of the South Road with my friend and colleague Andrew Southcott, the local member and the Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Health to confirm the Coalition’s commitment to providing $500

million should we win the election on September 7 towards this important upgrade which will, in effect, extend the Southern Expressway another 2 or 3 kilometres further towards the centre of the city.

It's a very congested bit of road, it's a road upgrade that was promised in 2007 by Kevin Rudd, it was yet another failure to deliver

by Mr Rudd who here, as in so many other areas, has proven to be all talk and no action.

We've now got two weeks to go until polling day, 14 days until Australians have the chance to choose a genuinely new way by changing the government.

I think here in South Australia people are very keen to see a change of government in Canberra just as they are keen to see a

change of government in Adelaide. For too long South Australia has been held back by bad government locally and nationally.

It's a tragedy that the Olympic Dam expansion didn't go ahead and one of the key factors in the environment in which that expansion was indefinitely deferred was the additional taxes from the current Labor Government. Without the mining tax, without

the carbon tax, without the abolition of the Australian Building and Construction Commission, it would have been much easier for BHP to have proceeded with the Olympic Dam expansion.

Just recently we've seen more bad decisions from Canberra impacting on South Australia. Kevin Rudd told us that he's changed

but of course one of the first significant acts of Kevin Rudd as a restored Prime Minister was the $1.8 billion fringe benefits tax hit on the Australian car industry. It was badly thought through, there was no consultation, it turned out the Government didn't

actually know what it was talking about because after making the decision you had Treasury officials ringing up representatives of the motor industry to say exactly how does your industry work. As a result of this hasty, ill-considered consultation-free change we

now have workers on short time in the motor industry.

If we don't change the government we're going to get more of the same, only worse. More deficits, more debt, more chaos and dysfunction and more bad decisions which damage people's cost of living and damage people's job security. So, if you want a

better future, if you want a stronger Australia, you've got to change the government on September 7 and the only way to change the government on September 7 is to vote for your local Liberal candidate. There is no way to change the government unless you

vote for your local Liberal candidate.

I'm proud to be here with Andrew Southcott. He's been my friend and my colleague for many years now. He's done outstanding work exposing some of the waste and mismanagement in Labor's so-called super clinics programme and I'm looking forward to

having him as a strong and senior colleague should we win the election on September 7.

Thank you.


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