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More proof the carbon tax is doing massive damage

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The Hon. Greg Hunt MP Minister for the Environment


15 November 2013

More proof the carbon tax is doing massive damage

Today the Clean Energy Regulator has confirmed what Coalition has said all along - the carbon tax is an electricity tax and is therefore a multi-billion dollar hit to the economy.

The Clean Energy Regulator has published details of the huge liabilities being inflicted on the Australian economy during the first year of the carbon tax.

There’s no doubt about it - Labor’s carbon tax is hurting Australian families and businesses.

16 of the top 20 carbon tax bills have been sent to electricity companies. These electricity companies are being slugged over $3.5 billion and this is being passed onto customers.

Families, businesses, hospitals, schools, aged care facilities, local councils, sports and community organisations are all being hit by Labor’s electricity tax.

In New South Wales - Macquarie Generation and Delta Electricity will pay around $900 million.

In Victoria - power stations will pay around $1.3 billion.

In Queensland - power stations will pay around $800 million.

In Western Australia - the Electricity Generation Corporation will pay around $200 million.

There is a better way.

Repealing the carbon tax will take a huge burden off Australian businesses and cut household electricity bills by $200 in 2014-15, according to Treasury modelling.

Electricity Bill Shorten might be celebrating the damage caused by the carbon tax but Australian families and business are not.

It’s time for Electricity Bill Shorten to listen to the Australian people and respect the mandate given to the Government to scrap the carbon tax.

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