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Coalition to scrap the Carbon Tax

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THE HON DR SHARMAN STONE MP Federal Member for Murray

Wednesday13th November 2013

Coalition to Scrap the Carbon Tax

“As promised the first act of this new parliament has been to introduce bills to abolish the Carbon Tax.”

“This was by no means a straight forward matter, however an hour of attempts to put off the introduction of these bills really tested the new Speaker, Bronwyn Bishop,” Federal Member for Murray Sharman Stone said.

“In 2011 the Gillard Government introduced the Clean Energy Bills that took effect from July 2012. The Coalition has opposed the carbon tax bills since day one and vowed to scrap the tax as one of the first acts of government,” Sharman Stone said

“The removal of the carbon tax will save the average household about $550 per year. At the same time we will retain the compensation payments made to low income households and pensioners.”

“Repealing the carbon tax will reduce the wholesale cost of electricity and gas prices, reduce the cost of taxable fuels for off-road use and reduce the cost of synthetic greenhouse gasses, such as those used in air conditioning and refrigeration. Electricity and gas prices should on average drop to 9 to 7 per cent lower than what they would have been under a carbon tax. Labor was going to add extra taxes on fuels the Coalition will not introduce these,” Sharman Stone said.

“The previous Rudd and Gillard governments found that carbon emissions would increase from around 560 million tonnes in 2010 to 637 million tonnes in 2020. So essentially, the people of Murray were paying a carbon tax that did nothing to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Sharman Stone said.

“The ACCC will also be required to keep a close eye on any price gouging that continues to push gas or fuel prices higher than they should be,” Sharman Stone said.

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