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Kelty has it right on Carbon Tax

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Media Release The Hon Greg Hunt MP Member for Flinders Coalition Spokesman for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage Saturday 14 September 2013 KELTY HAS IT RIGHT ON CARBON TAX Former ACTU Secretary Bill Kelty’s comments today that the Carbon Tax was a key reason why Labor lost the election, should be a wake up call for the two leaders vying for the ALP leadership. Mr Kelty has said Julia Gillard’s announcement of introducing a Carbon Tax with the Greens was seen by the Australian people as a “breach of faith, a breach of trust.” (The Australian, 14 September 2013). It is time Labor realised the key issue of the election was the Carbon Tax and that the Coalition does have a mandate for its repeal. Mr Kelty’s comments back up statements this week by both Nick Champion and Richard Marles, both urging the Labor Party to not block the removal of the Carbon Tax. “I don’t think we’ve got a right to frustrate the Government mandate and I certainly don’t think it’s a very good look to be voting with the Greens again.” (Nick Champion, Sky Showdown, 10 September 2013) “We do need to acknowledge the fact that Tony Abbott won the election and we lost, and we need to face that reality and questions of mandate are issues that we need to consider…” (Richard Marles, Sky, 11 September 2013) It doesn’t matter if it is Bill Shorten or Anthony Albanese who emerges as victor in the Labor leadership battle, they cannot ignore the clear message sent via the ballot box just one week ago. The Australian people are fed up with higher electricity prices driven up by a Carbon Tax. They didn’t vote for it at the previous election and they voted in the most recent election to have it removed. The Coalition will honour its commitment to repeal the Carbon Tax and take the pressure off household power bills and make Australian business competitive again. Every day Labor opposes scrapping of the Carbn Tax, is another day they support higher electricity prices. MEDIA CONTACT: Wendy Black 0418 532 534