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Prime Minister pledges vote on marriage equality

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Campaign Media Release


The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has pledged to fast-track marriage equality legislation if Federal Labor is re-elected.

This is a reform millions of Australians from all walks of life have waited a long time to see made to Australian law.

Within 100 days of a re-elected Rudd Labor Government, Federal Labor will introduce a Bill into the Parliament to legalise same-sex marriage.

Labor Party MPs will be granted a conscience vote when the Bill comes before the Parliament.

The Prime Minister said marriage equality would put everyone on an equal footing.

“I've been thinking about the meaning of marriage for a long time - and I won't hide the fact that this has been a journey for me. It is a difficult discussion, and I won't force this on anyone. It will be a free vote for members of the Labor Party,” the Prime Minister said.

“But here is what I know: we are at our best when we give all Australians the same dignity, the same opportunity for happiness.”

“I believe that no matter who we love, we all should be able to make that same promise I was able to make to Therese over 30 years ago. That all of us should be allowed to marry the one we love.”

Mr Rudd is the first Australian Prime Minister to go into an election promising to support marriage equality.

Tony Abbott should match the Prime Minister’s commitment and allow Liberal Party MPs to vote according to their conscience on this issue in the new Parliament.

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