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The Old Parliament House Port

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. .. .. . .• • • • •. . . . ••. .•. . .• ••• . . •. • ••• n•• -1I g US . . • .R/III - 111111 11 11I I KALI , r111111••„aituL.',^-Eli ISletiril-7 I I t11 1 111 it 1 1 10111110 1119 11 ‘ i I g la I filk I7171E7RIE C)H—la P.AARLIL, It ...A.1%/1.11 4 IfittNLYSJE IFC3I11.7- Every few decades something happens - an Australian horsewins the Melbourne Cup, Collingwood wins the VFL Premiership, .an honest Police Commissioner bobs up in New South Wales orQueensland - which deserves commemoration. Such an eventwill take place this year, with the closing of the OldParliament House and, with it, the Non-Members Bar.e - To commemorate this sad occasion, Richard Farmer and I havejoined forces to produce a commemorative bottling of a fineold South Australian port, the old Parliament House Port. It .is handsomely presented in the traditional port bottle, withnot one but two labels, each a genuine original on thefront is a beautifully executed drawing by Geoff Pryor of theOld Parliament House building. On the back, Geoff hasproduced another original, a cartoon of (who else?) MungoMacCallum, and Mungo himself has contributed animmortalfarewell piece on a bar he was observed frequently to enterand, lees frequently, to leave. All in all it is a classic memento, as far as we know the only one being produced to remember the old Place byIf you would Eimply like a souvenir of the Old ParliamentHouse, we suggest you buy a bottle or two to put on your• mantelpiece. It's elegant, it's original and what's more youcan drink the contents. .• If you are a port drinker, buy a case. Unlike mostcommemorative ports, which have to be kept out of the reachof adults, this one is a specially selected top quality tawnyport from Hardy's, one of a handful of wineries in Australiawhich really understand how to put together a beautiful andlong lasting fortified wiee. All the material in the wine isover 5 years old, and it will last for as long as the OldParliament House itself dide -If you are not a port drinker, buy two cases - and put themaway, with a note to your grandchildren to call Sotheby's in25 years, Most of this wine is going to be drunk over thenext two or three years, and what 'a left in 2010 will withoutquestion be a collector's item. With that in mind, thelabels have been produced on high quality paper to last aslong as the wine.And if you never know. what to give people for Christmas andbirthdays, a case of Old Parliament HoueeePort will provide•yeu with 12 superb gifts in the months and years to come. It :solves me's problems of what to donate for raffles - .a;)14fundraisers as well-- '

For such a quality product, the Old Parliament House Port


- keenly priced at $10.00 per single bottle, and is a steal at $99.00 the case of one dozen. Frankly it is worth that for the labels alone. The Old Parliament !louse Port will be avaIlahle shortly through all of Richard Farmer s stores at . , Phillip, Manuka, Fyshwick and Belconnen.

Alternatively, we can arrange free delivery of case lots • anywhere in Canberra - including Parliament House - as well as free delivery of smaller orders to Parliament House offices only . . If you would like to take advantage of the

free delivery offer, just fill in and detach the order form and send it to my Parliament House office so that we can consolidate delivery orders. -

One last thing. This is a limited edition bot .tlino which is absolutely unique. I expect it wi l l be in great demand from " the many people whoin one way or another have worhed in or been associated with the Old Parliament House. What}ier you

are a souvenir _hunter, a bort drinker, an astute c3l_1ector or simply after a superb gift, please order early to avoid disappointment. After all it' s going to be raLher a long time before the next Parliament Houc,-e closes Lts doors .

Yours sincerely

. . . . ... . . ... . ... ....


CDT . .1E) IP ..eJPUL 11 .443k1NAFIE.1.Tr IE' IHKDALTS JPIL-DiR.:11-

wish to place a firm order for . . sinpit bottles of the Old Parliament Ilonsc Port SIC per ho.1 le

cases of the Old ParliamL:nt House Port ,S99 per ease

My cheque lot ... . attached.

((heques to be made payable to Old Pail ;.ament House -Port Offer and sent to (3 Bilney, Room M243*, Parliament House).

Nam: .,

Address for delivery: ..... . . . . .. .. .........

Te ephon e : , . . ... "Lome) (work )