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Reforms to improve efficiency in Queensland sugar industry

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5 February 1997

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Reforms to improve efficiency in Queensland sugar industry

‘Recommended industry changes made by the Sugar Industry Review Working Party are expected to result in a more efficient Queensland sugar industry if implemented’, said Mr Neil Andrews, a Senior Economist with ABARE, at OUTLOOK 97 in Canberra today.

‘Productivity improvements in the Queensland sugar industry of 2 per cent would lead to increased exports of $150 million and a net gain of $38 million’, Mr Andrews said.

Mr John Barneby, Managing Director, C.Czamikow Sugar Ltd, told the conference that the proposed recommendations will place the Australian sugar industry in a position to deal with future changes in the world market as, ‘unlike most of its competitors the Australian Sugar Industry is already adapted to compete in the new world environment’.

Mr Barneby noted that moves to decontrol the cane ethanol industry in Brazil will be most significant for the sugar market as deregulation of the ethanol industry results in the continued growth of Brazil as a major world supplier of sugar.

Mr David Cox, Davco Farming, agreed that the future direction of the sugar industry in Brazil is of upmost importance for the world sugar industry. ‘Political decisions in Brazil are likely to have more impact on the world sugar market than all the combined effects of droughts and floods in sugar producing countries’ he said.

Mr Cox also believes that the future of the Australian sugar industry is looking positive, stating that ‘implementation of the recommendations of the Sugar Industry Review Working Party Report (1996) will create opportunities for increasing the efficiency and gross output of the Australian sugar industry’.

Speakers at the session, ‘Sugar: A New Environment’, were:

Mr Neil Andrews, Senior Economist, ABARE; Mr John Barneby, Managing Director, C. Czarnikow Sugar Ltd; Mr David Cox, Davco Farming.

For further information, contact:

During the Conference, Ms Rebecca Casey, OUTLOOK Media Centre on (06) 276 5243 or 018 487 825; After the Conference, Mr Eric Danzi, ABARE on (06) 272 2292.

ABARE thanks Apple Computer as the major sponsor of OUTLOOK 97.

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