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New child care places help families

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4v A U S T R A L IA

Hon Warren Truss MP Minister for Community Sen/ices



5 Oecembe: 1998

Federal Community Services Minister Warren Truss has today announced details of 40 high- need areas across Australia, which will be eligible for new centre-based child care blaces in 1995.

Mr Truss said the Federal Coalition Government has identified areas in need of centre-based ch id care as par of a national Child Care P'anning System that aims to better match new chile care sendees to family needs.

"The Federal Government's system especially targets those areas with families where the oarenis are working, looking for work, studying or training," Mr Truss said.

During the period 27 April 1998 to 31 December 1999. new centre places eligible for Childcare Assistance funding can only be establisned in these identified high need areas.

Hig.n need areas have been cetermined by State and Territory Planning Advisory Committees with representatives from ail three levels of Government, and the child care sector,

“One ο-' the best outcomes of the new planning system is tha: all levels of Government and cnild care professionals are wording together to bulla a better cnild care system ' c families," Mr Truss said.

"The Government will continue to establish new family day care services and innovative sen/ices in ctner high need areas icentifiec by the Planning Committees where non centre based care is mere appropriate to families' cnild care needs. ’

Mr Truss said the Federal Government would prov'de $4.7 billion over the next four years :o create additional chile care places. These new places include long day care centres, family bay care and outside school hours care

"The assessment of high need areas is an ongoing process," Mr Truss said

'The child care planning orocess is all aoout oetter meeting the child cara needs of families and we are committed to hearing people’s views.'

Families who think their local area has a hign need for v/or< -elated centre based child care are encouraged to contact the Department in their State or Territory on 18C0 676 446.

The 40 areas will be advertised today in national, state and reg.onal newspapers. They will aiso be included on the list of high need areas, eligible "or new Childcare Assistance places, which is -egularly updated and available from the Department of Family and Community Services and on its Internet site (_ HYPERLINK http;// --

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