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Tax office warning of phone payments

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Tax Commissioner Michael Carmody today warned that any offers to take payment of tax bills over the phone were·bogus. ·

M A taxpayer has alerted us to a possible scam. A person claiming to be from the Tax Office contacted the taxpayer and offered to take payment of their tax bill over the phone if they provided credit card details."

The Tax Office docs not accept payments either by credit card or over the phone.

I f you are asked for personal or financial information over the phone by anyone claiming to be from the Tax Office, you should take care." Mr Carmody said.

"If you have any doubts about their identity, ask for their name and phone number but do not provide, any information.

"If you receive any such approach and have any doubts, or queries about paying your tax bill, contact the Tax Office payment inquiry line on 132 550," Mr Carmody said.

CANBERRA 2 December 1998

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